About Us
Our Organization
We are a financial services group offering stock-broking, derivatives in equities and currency, depository services, commodity derivatives (through our associate company), and distribution of IPO and mutual fund products. We are spread throughout Gujarat through our Sub-Brokers and associates (Over 200 in number) servicing about 25000 retail clients. We have highly motivated staff over 100 people. In the heart of Rajkot city, we have about 15000 Square feet of office space which comprises a fully automated high-end set-up. We started our business in the year 1991 as a proprietary concern. In 1994, we acquired membership right of Saurashtra Kutch Stock Exchange in the name of M/s.Ajay Natavarlal Sheth. Since then we have grown from strength to strength and as on today we are active in multiple segments of various stock exchanges.

We have built up customer trust and credibility through qualitative service and prompt redressal of queries. Our index of customer credibility is vindicated by our 25000 plus retail clients, whose various financial needs we are servicing through our multi-pronged approach. In all our operations, we successfully use Information Technology, which has facilitated seamless customer contact and proactive resolution of customer needs. Our network of franchisees, sub-brokers and clients has proven handy in distributing any products whether broking, third party products, depository services or commodity derivatives. That we have grown in terms of credibility and trust is borne out by the fact of our steadily increasing clients for broking and depository services. We function as a process-driven unit by having implemented standardized work procedures, which are well documented and therefore transparent. All the positions in the organization are manned by qualified professionals in order to ensure competence and equality in service.
Our Philosophy
We have gained our customer trust through timely and effective service. The corner stone of our policy has been to build up relationships for a long-term on sustainable basis. We are constantly evaluating our performance and efforts, so that our service quality always remains competitive.
The Group
Although we started our broking activities way back in 1991, we became serious national players in the year 2000, when we first acquired Limited Trading Membership of BSE. After that, there has been no looking back for us. Again in the year 2000, we became a depository participant of CDSIL and in the year 2003, we also acquired NSE membership. When national level commodity exchanges were set up as part of Govt’s policy to bring transparency and global benchmarks into commodity market, we became members of commodity exchanges named MCX and NCDEX. It was a clear discernment on our part of synergies of providing all services under one roof that led us to acquire memberships of multiple stock exchanges. Our bold initiatives starting with our journey from capital market to commodities has given us synergy in operations, enabling us to pass on the advantages to our customers.

The group is a result of vision and dedication of Jayesh N Sheth, Ajay N Sheth, Nilesh N Sheth and Bhavesh N Sheth.

Mr. Jayesh N Sheth has been the chief architect of group’s forays. He sets the tone and tenor for group’s business. He is forward looking and his sharp intellect gives him a clear grasp of all issues underlying this trade. He is largely responsible for setting the corporate policy for group’s initiatives.

Mr. Ajay N Sheth is a person who has a keen sense of market. He has high reputation in market circle. This has helped the company to cultivate customers. Mr. Ajay N Sheth sets a lot of store by corporate governance and compliance. This has helped the company to have a clean image in the eyes of regulators.

Mr. Nilesh N Sheth is closely in touch with institutional market. He has developed close relationships with institutional investors and is therefore keenly aware of the investment philosophy of such investors. The company is now enrolling institutional clients. With Nileshbhai’s good contacts with that side of the market, the company hopes to capture good volume of institutional business.

Mr. Bhavesh N Sheth has an in-depth knowledge of commodity market. Through personal visits of mandis and farms. Mr. Bhavesh N Sheth has developed an intuitive sense of spot market. Mr. Bhavesh N Sheth was instrumental in pushing Company’s commodity volume. He is also in touch with international commodity market and has developed good contacts in the research circuit of international commodity business.

As an organization, we have achieved competitive edge by ensuring total customer satisfaction through world-class services. We (i) utilize ultra modern technology for timely, seamless and accurate data processing (ii) proactively seek customers feedback in improving upon our service delivery modes (iii) promptly respond to customer issues in order to maximize clients satisfaction.

Our approach has been to adopt new practice and technology to be a market leader. We have over a period of time evolved from vanilla broking to a whole lot of financial services. We have continuously leveraged our strength with the help of technology thereby creating synergies in relationship and dealings. We have steadily moved towards the vision of a single-point financial-services provider-Multiple vanilla brokers having their local niche market have vanished to give way to large brokerages that have now set up their offices in all major city centers. With capital account convertibility on cards, Indian investors will soon have global investment opportunities knocking at the doors. Our approach has always been to scan the horizon for long-term development and align our growth-strategy with future possibilities. Our vision is"To be a global financial services provider having under its ambit all fund based and non-fund based services from broking upto banking having a global presence through world class quality-delivery systems, thereby creating a set of satisfied customers"
Our Systems and Processes
We are in a business which rests on credibility and customer-faith. Since we deal with people’s money, our motto is not just being forthright but also to be seen as such. During a period of over a decade of existence, we have assiduously cultivated credibility and customer faith. People naturally associate our name with forthrightness and promptitude in dealings. This pre-occupation is also built by us into our systems and processes, which are designed to ensure total integrity of operations.

Our infrastructure consists of 15000 Sq.ft built-up office space in Arham Financial Centre, Panchanath Main Road, Rajkot having state-of-the art communication and data processing facilities. For transmission of data to our associates and clients, we use our own Virtual Private Network (VPN) of V-sats and leased lines which have transmission capacity of 2 mbps at any point of time. Every -where we have built in redundancy and back-up in hardware to safeguard against the possibility of getting held up due to failure.
Our financial sinew
Although we started as vanilla brokers with single membership of BSE a decade or so back, today we are a financial services group offering multiple financial products. We have built up our network through continuous profits which we earned through customer-centric approach to business. However what is a matter of record is that throughout our existence at no point of time have our terminals been logged out for want of margin. In terms of profitability, we have grown at a CAGR of 35% for the last three years. Even during the lean period of 2003, we managed to notch up a growth increment of nearly 15%, which proves that our customers are with us on a long-term basis and are committed to this market. Most of our clients tend to associate with us having taken a long-term perspective.
Our Human Resources
We have a pool of talented managers who are highly committed and dedicated to their roles. The group has started to professionalize its decision making by leaving the day-to-day matters to a corpus of managers.
Important Milestones in the History of Ajay Natavarlal Group
December 1999 : Became Depository Participant of CDSL
June 2000 : Acquired Limited Trading Membership of BSE.
November 2003 : Acquired Trading-Cum-Clearing Membership of MCX in the name of one of the promoters but was later converted into corporate in the name of a group company.
March 2004 : Became Trading-Cum-Clearing Members on CM Segment of NSE
May 2004 : Became Trading-Cum-Clearing Members on F & O Segment of NSE
August 2005 : Became Trading-Cum-Clearing Members on CM Segment of Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd.
February 2006 : Registered as distributor with Association of Mutual Funds in India
August 2006 : Became Trading-Cum-Clearing Members of NCDEX
February 2007 : Became Trading Members on F & O Segment of Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd.
April 2007 : Was Granted 9001:2000 by Bureau Veritas, in recognition of the Company (Ajay Natavarlal Securities Pvt. Ltd) complying with prescribed quality standards in all its management processes.
November 2007 : Ajay Natavarlal Sec. (P) Ltd is rated SME 2 by Crisil. This Indicates ‘High level of Credit worthiness adjudged in relation to other SMEs’. SME 1 is the highest credit rating assigned in this category and therefore SME 2 is indicative of High level of credit worthiness of the Company.
January 2008 : Crossing benchmark of Serving to over 10000 DP customers
May 2008 : Starting Non – Banking Financial services through NBFC arm.
August 2008 : Became Trading Members of NSE Currency Derivative Segment
November 2008 : Shifting of business operations at office with 6500 Sq.feet of built up area in the heart of Rajkot City with State-of-the art facilities.
January 2009 : Became Trading Members for Currency Derivative Segment of MCX Stock Exchange Ltd.
April 2009 : Acquired Trading – Cum - Clearing membership of MCX-SX. In the name of one of the promoters but was later converted into corporate in the name of a group company.
April 2010 : Was granted ISO 9001 : 2008 by Bureau veritas, in recognition of the company complying with prescribed quality standard in all its Management processes.
November 2010 : ANS Pvt. LTD is rated P3 by Crisil. This indicates ‘High degree of safety in Relation to servicing of debt’. P3 is indicative of high level of Creditworthiness of the company. with prescribed quality standard in all its Management processes.
October 2012 : Crossing benchmark of serving to more than 20000 DP customers
January 2013 : Became Multiple Member of MCX Stock Exchange Ltd.
December 2014 : Registration as Comtrack Participant with National Commodities Derivative Exchange
April 2015 : Became Trading Members on Currency Derivative Segment of Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd.
September 2015 : Availing permanent registration as Depository Participant of CDSL
December 2015 : Successfully launching the mobile version of our back office “Ajay Natavarlal” to get live details through mobile devices
June 2016 : Was Granted 9001:2008 by Bureau Veritas, in recognition of the Company (ANS Pvt. Ltd.) complying with prescribed quality standards in all its management processes.
July 2017 : Crossing benchmark of Serving to over 30000 DP customers
May 2018 : Was Granted 9001:2015 by Bureau Veritas, in recognition of the Company (ANS Pvt. Ltd) complying with prescribed quality standards in all its management processes.
September 2018 : Registration as Repository Participant with CDSL Commodity Repository Limited
November 2018 : Launching of Mobile Trading platform “ANS Online”
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